💥 clinically approved leak-proof underwear | 100% carbon neutral 💥


your bag is naked!

bamboo soft - medium flow

what's my size?

there's no denying that bamboo soft feels just like a hug! after all, this brief provides the ideal coverage and security for medium flow days!

bamboo soft is made of a suuuuper soft, breathable, natural material, that dries faster, helps regulate body temperature and degrades within six months when disposed in landfill. 

our new line has colors inspired by nature, it's perfect for your body, perfect for the planet

oh, and don't worry! just like all our other pantys bamboo soft is clinically tested, hypoallergenic, proven to reduce bacteria and odors. taking good care of of them, they last approximately 2 years or 50 washes.

no leaks. no waste. no brainer.