clinically approved

clinicamente testado

in 2020 we became the first and only brand of menstrual underwear to be clinically, gynecologically and dermatologically tested and approved in the world! as an innovator, it is so important for us to be first in safety and security of our customers, community and the environment.

so wait! what does that mean exactly?

so basically, this means that our products have gone through a series of scientific tests, both in vitro and in vivo, with physician support to valide safety, health, comfort and well-being. as we are classified as apparel, we aren't required by the industry or health regulators to realize clinical tests on our products. as an innovator, we realize the responsibility that comes with new products and are committed to making sure Pantys are the best and safest in the market. all our products meet the same level of safety and efficacy required of regulated menstrual products.

our products are also fluorine free, including all variants of PFAS.


our tests were divided into 4 areas:

✓ safety

✓ health

✓ comfort

✓ well-being

our tests evaluated women 18-35 years old for 4 weeks: before, during and after their menstrual cycles. all used disposable menstrual products and had varying menstrual flows.

preserving the 5 pillars of intimate health

with our clinical results, pantys is proven to respect the five pillars of intimate health:

pH balanced

healthy intimate microflora

preserves intimate and vaginal temperature

more comfort during your menstrual cycle

clinical safety including fluorine and all variants of PFAS

the use of pantys during the menstrual cycle doesn't affect vaginal pH, doesn't cause irritations, preserves natural microflora and temperature of the intimate area and enables breathability.