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grls hipster

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pantys.grls is our teen line of reusable, absorbent underwear that’s specially designed to handle heavy flow and ensure greater protection for those during their first few years of menstruation. just like pantys, they have a super absorbent, quick drying, and leak-proof technology that eliminates bacteria and fungi that can cause odor or infection. 

the hipster is a cute & classic brief — no one at the sleepover will know the difference! Fun on the outside, all styles have a black lining. we recommend starting with 3-4 pairs to kick off a comfortable and sustainable menstrual lifestyle.

we know every one is unique. when wearing pantys for the first time, check every few hours to learn how long they work with your flow, and whether or not you need to change them. if you're not feeling dry down there...it's time to switch! more questions about how pantys work? click here :)

no leaks. no waste. no brainer.