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pantys are absorbent underwear, they are modern, suuuuper comfortable, sustainable, hypoallergenic, gynecologically approved and simply the best for menstruation. they are made from biodegradable, impermeable, and antibacterial fabrics, that literally absorbs menstruation and leaks.

our patented technology will leave you feeling dry and comfortable... all while reducing reduces baterias and fungus that cause odors. <3

our pantys were designed for all generations, sizes and shapes! everyone that wants to break free from disposable products and slip into the future can wear pantys! and it is also perfect for daily routine, since it protects you from all kinds of leaks :)

take a look to learn more about how our products work :)

pantys are designed for ultimate protection to prevent leaks, but it is suuuper important to get to know your flow! like any other product in the market, pantys also has a limited capacity of absorption.

the amount of time it will work for you is very personal and depends on the intensity of your flow and what model you are wearing.

our recommendation is that you try for the first time at home to see how it best works for your flow <3

our products are also the first clinically, gynecologically and dermatologically approved globally to preserve the 5 pillars of intimate health:

vaginal pH

vaginal temperature




also...our technology is proven to kill 99% of bacterias

less bacterias = less infections and odors!

we recognize that everyone's body and flows are unique and recommend testing pantys models to understand how many hours (precisely) they will work for you ;)

you can either machine wash (on delicate ) or hand wash - always using cold water. do not use bleach or fabric softeners: it can damage the liner technology! <3 and finally, dry naturally, do not use dryer machine or iron.

taking good care of your pantys, you can extend their lifecycle to last approximately 4 years or 100 washes <3

all our products are clinically tested to be hypoallergenic and non-toxic. if you have allergies to traditional menstrual products, pantys will be a great option for you! <3

pantys have a surprisingly thin absorbent liner (about 1/3 de size or a normal pad) that will look and feel like normal underwear!

yes! pantys will leave you feeling dry and airy - proven clinically to be both breathable and prevent muffling of your vaginal area \o/

if you start feeling humid, your pantys are getting full :) and it's time to swap out for a clean pair!

yes! our pantys were designed to absorb from 15ml to 35ml, so you will be protected from this small leaks <3 feel free to laugh, cough or sneeze worry-free.

taking good care of your pantys, they should last for at least 100 washes (approximately 4 years). afterwords, the products can be used as a normal undies <3

the external part is made from 86% nylon and 14% spandex, while the internal part is 100% natural modal.

all our pantys are made from Amni Soul Eco biodegradable fibers <3

facts & figures ;)

we have, on average, 450 menstrual cycles in a lifetime!

studies show that this results in a total of ~12.000 of disposed menstrual products or 180kg of waste :O

it's estimated that 80% of women deal with menstrual leaks and throw away, on average, 5 pairs of underwear per year!

by removing disposable menstrual products from your routine, you can help save up to 180kg of waste and 200 meters of landfill use.

our products also use biodegradable fabrics with degrade in 3 years (in a landfill, not your drawers!) compared to the 100 years for traditional lingerie and 500 years for menstrual pads to descompose.  

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